Original Formula of VigRX Plus Enhancement

In order to enhance the original formula of VigRX Plus, three new ingredients were included which Damiana are Tribulus and Bioperine. Besides these ingredients the formulation of VigRX Plus also has other natural components especially selected around the world.

Asian Red Ginseng Rooty

Ginseng Root

This ingredient was traditionally used as a supplement for general weakness as to provide more energy. It also has aphrodisiac properties which can be used to fight against certain degree of impotence and premature ejaculation while at the same time it balances blood flow.

Ginseng also stimulates the body in a physical form and mental form, it enhances athletic performance and besides a positive enhancement of sexual performance.


ingredient includes testosterone

This ingredient is responsible for enhancing libido and sexual arousal, helping to prevent problems related to sexual desire. Chinese used to consider Epimedium as the latest supplement for increasing male libido. This ingredient includes testosterone to promote the effect which stimulates sensory nerves and restore in this way sexual desire.

According to a legend told by a former Chinese pastor of goats, his herd became more sexually active after grazing on certain plots of grass. After years of research, experts have established that Epimedium can be successfully used to increase libido, enhance erectile performance and increase sexual pleasure. In a scientific level the Epimedium works by means of releasing testosterone which naturally increments sexual arousal.

Cuscuta seed extract

Cuscuta seed extract

It is usually employed to strengthen urogenital functions. It is also used to treat premature ejaculation, bladder problems and leucorrhoea.

This ingredient is also employed to treat back pain and symptoms associated to sexual weakness and renal failure. Cuscuta seed extract is also useful to nurture sperm and strengthen the tissues of the male sexual organs. This ingredient has been also classified as an aphrodisiac for many years.

Ginkgo Bilboa leaf

Ginkgo Bilboa leaf

The leaf of Ginkgo Bilboa will mainly work on the increment of the length of the penis; this ingredient has been used for that purpose for over five hundred years on Chinese natural medicine. During the last three decades, more than three hundred studies have been made in reference to the properties of this herb, these studies led to the conclusion that Glinkgo has useful properties for the enhancement of male sexual performance.

The Ginkgo is gaining reputation as an effective brain tonic, known as a memory enhancer due to its positive effects over the vascular system. Ginkgo also enhances peripheral blood stream, increasing at the same time blood flow to the genitals, enhancing in this way libido and sexual pleasure. In a recent study, about seventy eight percent of a group of men who were affected by any type of male impotence shown a significant improvement on their libido and they also noticed how their sexual pleasure have increased with no side effects.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

This ingredient has been widely used by American natives as a treatment for many conditions which used to affect genitals, and to treat infections on the urinary tract. It is also known for its efficiency on the treatment for impotence.

The individual can also be affected by the lack of desire and an insufficient libido. Sometimes we would like to have a sexual arousal and a passion which we don’t get to feel anymore and we do not know the reason for it. It is important to promote mental contribution on sexual activity. A very few products and treatments for penis enhancement and sexual enhancement dedicate the required attention to this subject, however the team of scientist dedicated to the development of the formulation of Vigrx Plus have dedicated a great time of their investigations to find natural resources to help to produce the necessary mental state so the individual can enjoy sexual intercourse and have the best performance.

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