Guarantee Policy

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The guarantee policy of VigRX Plus is very simple. When you order a supply of VigRX Plus you are protected by a system without risks to try the product. If the product VigRX Plus does not accomplish the requirements, then you will receive your money back. Every customer is fully protected by the “Safe Guarantee and without explanation” provided by the manufacturer of the product. If you are not content with the results provided by VigRX Plus, you have the chance of returning the product to the manufacturer.

You have a guarantee frame of sixty days to enjoy the treatment for penis enhancement from the day you receive your supply, with fifteen additional days so you can return the package. It is important to point out that supplies of only one bottle are not covered by the policy, even if you made many of them one after the other.

You will receive a reimbursement equivalent to the price of your purchase, excluding the delivery expenses (it also applies to those who purchase with a credit card). The manufacturer of this product is fully convinced of the effective results provided by VigRX Plus, because this product just works great and the results provided by it have been reported by thousands of satisfied consumers around the world.

About this site® has been designed to inform the male community about the advantages provided by VigRX Plus and about the features associated to this product and male sexual performance. The main aim of this site is to provide visitors practical information about subjects related to penis size enlargement as to male sexual performance enhancement. Male sexual performance has constituted one of the main concerns inside male population, this concern triggers the need of providing valuable information related to a specific method especially designed to provide more pleasure and success to male sexual life through the use of healthy resources provided by nature.

This site provides latest information associated to VigRX Plus, which during the last six years has proven to be the most effective treatment for penis enhancement, especially because of the inclusion of a natural ingredient known as Bioperine®, which has turned out to be very useful to promote a better absorption of the properties provided by all the components of the formulation of VigRX Plus.

VigRX Plus contains a unique selection of herbal ingredients which are much acknowledged for their special properties and which have been combined in a very effective way. These special herbs have been found on different regions of the world, and they have been used for centuries by different cultures for male sexual enhancement. VigRX Plus formulation is been delivered as capsules since it is very important to take right dose to get the most effective results, there are supplements available in a liquid form, however they require of a dropper or a spoon, and there is the chance of mistaking the dose.

Although the average length of penis is about fifteen centimeters, the special formulation of VigRX Plus can help to increase about two centimeters after the first month, and about one centimeter of girth after one month of treatment.